I am not your sunshine

I don’t beam for you; my rays are not the companion piece to your poetry

Doves may fly but they don’t equate to peace between us – we are not two plus two equals four

That type of equality hasn’t greeted us since my last bad day warmed your good one

Do you remember how I used to shine for you? How I used to elevate you?

Burning gray gasses for a lukewarm day; full sunny but lackluster temperature

What would you do without me when green goes brown and 80 gets cut in half, 40 is the new 20

I’ve held you season to season

You look up to me and I reach out to touch you the way lovers do but you scream, claim my love “burns” and “blisters”

I am no monster

The days stretch longer as your arms tug you in two directions

Tired? Or are you just stretching?

I am your workstation; I am the lamp that never goes out

I can never be changed

I am the one power source that can never glitch

Indestructible but you decide not to want me

Fire me – you’re eligible for an upgrade

Eviction is a funny thing when you’re unable to leave

My routine is set

I don’t revolve around you, you revolve around me

You cannot make me shine for you