Before I came to college I told myself that I wanted to put myself out there. I have always admired dancers and told myself that if I could, I would try out for a dance team on campus just to try something new. About a month ago, I tried out for the Quad Dance Team, which is my dorm’s dance team. It has a huge legacy behind it and the team is held to very high expectations since they have won first place at a Howard-held residents hall competition (ResFest) every year since 2014.

ResFest occurs in March and is a competition between the dorms to see who is the best dance team, stroll team, and step team. I vaguely knew all of this going in, and was very nervous, but still wanted to try out. We had two clinics where they taught us three different dances: sexy, technical, and hip-hop. In addition to these dances, we had to create our own choreography to whatever song we chose and do a solo. I wasn’t amazing but I did not think I was awful. I was a little slower than some of the girls at picking up the moves which made me feel embarrassed. However, I kept pushing on. In addition to these dances, we had to create our own choreography to whatever song we chose and do a solo. Needless to say I was incredibly overwhelmed.

After two days of clinics, it was time for tryouts. We had to fill out an application that asked us the basics: why did I want to try out? What did I hope to gain? That sort of thing. Then, they called us in by twos and they made us do each of the three dances two times. After we did the three dances we did our solos and then went back into the hall to wait. I gave my try outs my all and really wanted to impress them. I knew that at that moment I wanted to be apart of this dance team more than anything and I clearly remember how hard I was breathing at the end of my performances. I had nothing to lose.

They then gathered us up and told us that the list of everyone who made it would be up sometime soon in the lobby of the dorm and to be on the lookout. Nervously, I waited along with my friend who also tried out for the team. That night I was leaving to go to dinner with my brother, and I saw that the list was posted.

I made it.

Fast forward a month, and I am now the ace on the team, which means I lead everyone else when we are dancing in a line. It was a position I had to battle for, and I am proud of currently have it, seeing as after try outs, the coaches told me that I barely made the team because my performances at the clinics were too relaxed. It’s interesting to see my development and I can’t wait to see how much I continue to grow on the team. I shared this story to advise you to push past your comfort zone and try something new, even if you don’t think that you are good enough. If you give it your all, you never know!