I love granola almost to an inhuman level. This obsession with the seedy snack has gotten so out of hand, I can hardly be found without a bag (with a spoon in it for easy eating) nearby me. This has become somewhat of a joke between my friends and I. If anyone complains about being hungry, you can bet the next words out of my mouth will be “I have a bag of granola in my car, do you want some?” In all honesty, I want some and am just hoping they’ll say yes so I have an excuse to leave wherever I am to obtain my granola. I haven’t always loved granola, however.

For the longest time, I didn’t even try it because every iteration I had come across contained nuts and I have hated nuts since I can remember. So I lived without knowing the goodness I was missing out on. At a risk of making this cheesy, I’m going to relate my absence of granola to life. I didn’t try to look for a type of granola without nuts. For several years, my mother made her own granola because she didn’t like the granola she had been buying at the store. I didn’t even want to try it then! And she had offered to make me my own without nuts. But, I still said no. I didn’t know that there was this fantastic thing that I loved just waiting for me out there just because I had this idea about what it was and I didn’t want to risk not liking it. So how did I go from granola hating to the world’s biggest fan? I just finally tried it. This past summer I picked up a bag of Bear Naked chocolate granola one day on a Kroger run. That was it. I was in love. Although now my favorite granola has changed from chocolate to cinnamon, it remains my all time favorite snack. It may seem weird, but I have even deepened my connection with one of my friends through a shared love of this versatile food. My friend Madeleine has taken her level of love of this and other healthy foods to another level, however. She started her own food blog! We all know food can connect people, but I never thought one bag of granola could effect me so much.