There is a connection between the winter and resolutions.

Every winter you swear to conform to your newly developed idea of how to be a better you while selling yourself on the newest health food craze or the deal on gym memberships.

January signifies that the beginning of a new year can give us the ability to make a new identity for ourselves; transformation.


There is a connection between the month of love and ecstasy.

Every Valentine’s Day brings about homemade cards from clumsy romances and lavish flowers in every shade of red conceivable.

February signifies that there is warmth throughout the cold; passion.


There is a connection between the beginning of spring and luck.

Every St. Patrick’s Day you indulge in the luxury of a lottery ticket and get a little too drunk on cheap beer.

March signifies that even though there may not be a little green leprechaun bringing us treats as we previously believed as third graders, the hint of sunlight and smell of the rain is leading us toward a new season; refreshment.


There is a connection between April showers and painted eggs.

Every Easter Sunday you pass the basket of rolls at your family brunch and joke with your uncle Bob about how you’ve yet to find a boyfriend.

April signifies that the kindness of the spring season is contagious; hopefulness.


There is a connection between May flowers and the end of school.

Every day in May brings us closer to the end of a seemingly momentous school year, which is met with celebrations of those who are excited to continue their future and enjoy warmer weather, and the resistance of those who would rather remain seeing their friends daily and enjoy the continuity of schoolwork.

May signifies that although one of the major focuses in our lives is drawing to a close, we can focus more on what makes our hearts soar; bravery.


There is a connection between hot summer days and everlasting friendships.

Every leap you take into the deep end of your neighborhood pool and every barefoot step you take while chasing down the ice cream truck for a refreshing summer treat with your closest pals give you the rush of adrenaline that we need to feel alive.

June signifies that persisting love we have for life when we are able to let go of our worries; elation.


There is a connection between late nights and freedom.

Every firework that illuminates the darkened night sky on the Fourth and the season of cherries and spitting out their pits allows for us to be foolish in our youth.

July signifies the freedom we have to decide when we do not need to please anyone but ourselves; independence.


There is a connection between the rising heat and our rising stress levels.

Every back to school advertisement we see in the aisles of Target makes us feel anxious for new classes, opportunities, and friends.

August signifies that even though we may be anxious at times, our drive to stay organized in a world of chaos does not go unnoticed; perseverance.


There is a connection between barbeques and fall.

Every autumn, the trees shed their color-changing leaves and the scent of apple pies fill the air.

September signifies that we are getting back into our routines; normalcy.


There is a connection between cooler weather and spooky costumes.

Every Halloween, we savor pumpkin-flavored delicacies and watch Tim Burton movies with our significant others because after all, it is cuffing season.

October signifies that we can gain new friends and lovers that keep our lives interesting.


There is a connection between fuzzy socks and football season.

Every Thanksgiving, we gather with our loved ones, cheering for our favorite team and attending parades, putting heaping servings of mashed potatoes on your grandmother’s prized china plates.

November signifies that we should celebrate all that we are appreciative of, whether smaller or on a grander scale.


There is a connection between hot chocolate and snowfall.

Every Christmas, trees are decorated with intricate lights and fires illuminate the existential dread and darkness, we sled with our siblings, and bake cookies with our mothers.

December signifies that we, just like snowflakes, are all created with so much beauty and detail.