It’s safe to say that almost everyone loves birthdays. They are a day when your friends and family celebrate you and give you gifts. Giving friends gifts for their birthdays can also be a fun time. Nothing beats the look of joy on your friend’s face when you give them a really good gift on their birthday. However, remembering birthdays is hard in our busy lives, and everyone knows the feeling of panic when you realize that you forgot to get your friend a present. While love shouldn’t be measured in gifts, it is still nice to show your friend that you’re willing to put in a bit of extra effort to show that you care. That being said, here is a list of ten good and easy last-minute gifts you can give to almost anyone on their birthday.

Bath Bombs – These are a fun treat for anyone with a bathtub to enjoy, and most companies even make bath bombs that are birthday-themed!

Jewelry – Whether it’s from Tiffany and Co. or a homemade friendship bracelet, jewelry is a great gift because your friend will feel special every time they put it on.

Nail Polish – Because who doesn’t love a fresh coat of nail polish to brighten up their birthday?

Stickers – These are an excellent gift for your expressive friends, and they can go anywhere you want, such as your car, computer, phone, forehead, bed, dog, planner, guitar etc.

Candy – Whether you give them Snickers, Sour Patch Kids, or Skittles, candy is a surefire make your friend’s birthday even sweeter.

A Poster – If you have any poster board lying around, writing your friend a note saying how much you appreciate them and taping some pictures on it to remind them of some good memories is a nice (and inexpensive!) way to tell your friend you cherish them.

Makeup – anything from lip gloss to an eyeshadow palette lets your makeup-savvy friend know that you recognize their art and would like to contribute to their slay-age.

Baked goods – Baked goods include anything from cookies to cake, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy! You get bonus points if you make them yourself, but store-bought is good too!

Face Masks – Skincare is always in-style, and by giving your friend face masks, you say that care about their skin.

Blanket – Especially with winter on the way, a cozy blanket is the perfect gift for a cold friend with a warm heart.

I hope you enjoy this list of helpful gift ideas. Have ideas of your own? Don’t be afraid to comment them below!