As Thanksgiving has come and gone and our miniature break from the harsh realities of school and work is over, it has become evident to me that finals season is quickly approaching us. That being said, I can already feel the stress; the late nights craning over my laptop, the sparing meals of granola and chocolate bars, my hands going numb from rewriting my notes for emphasis, and the impending feeling of death. With this being said, I thought I would give GrrlPunchers some of my most effective advice pertaining to finals.

1.To-Do Lists!
Preferably on festive or pretty paper, write out all of the things left to do this semester. Write out all of your upcoming assignments, study guides, and anything you have to do in the academia world. Additionally, make more to-do lists! Packing lists, gift lists, laundry lists! Although so many lists may seem a little counterproductive at first, once you experience the thrill of crossing off your items, you will see that to-do lists are life changing.

2.Treat Yo-Self!
When you study for half an hour, reward him with an episode of your favorite show or song or whatever fancies you. As an English major, if I ever have a giant reading to do during a busy time, I will leave little treats on my passages. Every paragraph I read, I have a delectable, nutritious Sour Patch Kid smiling, waiting for me as a reward. Rewarding yourself when you’ve done some hard work is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

3.Eat Well
Although I encourage the occasional treat, I do believe eating right makes you feel your best. Try to eat a well-balanced meal the night before whatever exam you may have. On the morning of the exam I strongly urge you to eat breakfast! So many of my friends refuse to eat breakfast and complain about mid-test stomach growling. Although the embarrassing growling is no big deal, you are at your best when you are well-nourished!

We young people are horrible at this. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that people ages 18-25 get 7-9 hours a night. I am going to suggest the bare minimum, as I am a realistic individual. As we typically spend late nights doing homework, working, or studying during this season, we usually lack on the whole sleep thing. I urge you to try to get at least your 7 hours in before any important event. If you get a little less, you can possibly justify this decision with napping. But, sleep is truly essential, at least make an effort.

5.Take a Break from Social Media
Last year, during finals season, I deleted all of my social media applications. I think I allowed myself to keep Pinterest. I fell asleep to pasta recipes for the entirety of December. Anyways, without your social media accounts, it’s really difficult to procrastinate. Without all the stress of these accounts, it’s a lot easier to really focus. Although you don’t have to entirely delete these applications, I strongly recommend limiting your time on social media.

With all these suggestions, I don’t promise A’s on all of your tests, but I can assure you that you will feel a lot more focused and healthy.