Hello and welcome to the month we all thought we wouldn’t make it to…December.

The theme for the month is Chains. Although this may sound like a more depressing theme for articles, horoscopes and playlists, I assure that this topic comes from a place of strength. I believe that all individuals feel chained down at some point in their lives despite age or privilege. Right now I feel chained to my home. I didn’t envision myself living in the same city I grew up in when I dreamt of the future years ago because staying where you are is often times seen as a weakness or a result of failure. Maybe mine was both, but maybe it was neither. I came home for a lot of good reasons that I still stand by, but I still feel stuck and inadequate. A lot of these feelings stem from my struggle with depression. And that my friends is why this month’s theme is chains…because I’m finally breaking my chains to speak openly about what the hell is going on in my life even if it’s not pretty.

We’re all somewhat intelligent and we have the understanding that a post on social media is only a glimpse into real life, but still those glimpses tend to affect our generation (I’m also calling out myself HARD) in such a strong way. How am I not supposed to feel bad when I’m sitting in bed doing nothing when people I follow are out having fun with their group of friends in a city with endless possibilities and narratives. But lucky for us that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Those posts don’t make me “depressed.” They often upset me from time to time, but their not what I’m really battling with because in the end I’m only battling myself and my thoughts. But then I started follow to follow Jen Gotch, Found of Ban.do, and I realized what I was longing for when I logged on: transparency.