Happy New Year, GrrlPunchers! We thought 2017 would never EVER end, and yet here we are.

To be frank, I believe this has been one of the hardest years of my life. However, despite what I, and so many other people have faced this year, I know I’ve grown as a result.

To say that this is the year of complete change and improvement would be way bigger than a white lie (like our theme of the month). As much as I can try to force myself into a list of resolutions, like juice cleansing, morning yoga, and less caffeine, I know I will never immediately follow through. I think a huge problem with the sparkling, sequined entrance of every new year is the promises we make to ourselves to change everything. Unless changing some sh*t would make me wake up the next morning as the millennial Mother Teresa, I think I’m fine the way I am. This year will have to be more about knowing myself rather than changing myself.

On another note, a huge big fat welcome to GRRLMONTH. For our third birthday, (on the 30th) we decided to celebrate for the entire month rather than just a day. This month will bring you…

new, beautiful backgrounds for your phone and computer

a 15% off discount for the online store

exciting interviews

and some other exciting surprises!

We will be announcing the majority of these GrrlMonth celebrations on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so make sure to follow us! Thank you for the support and love you gave us in the last year. We are eager to grow as a group in the upcoming year.

Much Love Always,