I have an extremely bad habit of compartmentalizing things. As much as I wish that this means that I am an organized person, that could not be further from the truth.

By compartmentalize, I mean that some things that are morally acceptable to me in one area of my life, are not in another.

Let me explain: I have absolutely no moral issue with lying to my mother. I lie to her all the time, at least every weekend, (this is probably not a good idea to publish on the GrrlPunch, and as I am risking my mother’s wrath, please pay attention to what I am saying) and I have never once felt bad about it.

Lying to her has never made me feel like a bad person. But lying to my friends, that is another story. Lying to them, to me, is a morally atrocity that I would feel unbearably guilty committing.

I think what this means is that I am a very different person as a daughter than as a friend. There is a part of this that makes sense because each is a very different role than the other, but I don’t want to be an entirely different person in different areas of my life.

I want the things, like honestly, that are important to me as a friend to be important to me in all of my relationships. Does this mean I will stop lying to my mom now? At this point, it would be a difficult habit to break, but I might as well try in order to be a consistent person.

Ultimately, I should be the same person in every relationship that I have.