In trying to find a way to portray how I feel about New Year’s resolutions, I turn to an Instagram caption written by my friend Camille Clayton.

“I am no different from 23:59:59 on a December 31 to a 00:00:00 on a January 01, than I am that any other second that passes throughout a year. The vast amount of expectation placed on the possibility of such grandeur surrounding a New Year is much too much for anyone to bear; which is why so many people fall disappointed in themselves with such lofty plans for change at this significantly dubbed time. And so whether you find yourself beginning this first day of a New Year with a grand hope and expectation that you will find yourself happier, fitter, richer, or whatever it may be; maybe reconsider just hoping to find a piece of yourself you haven’t yet, and do your best to love and accept it into who you are, and celebrate that. Celebrate you. Celebrate your life. And if you don’t feel you have something to celebrate, know that somewhere you do.”

What I interpret Camille’s words to mean is that change is okay, but closing your eyes and becoming someone entirely new isn’t the best resolution to have. In trying to find ways to “celebrate”, I have compiled a list of resolutions that are both attainable and fun!

  1. Start Journaling! Whether it is an organizational bullet journal or a tear-filled summary of your day, put pen to paper and find yourself on top of the world.
  2. Travel! Whether you are on a budget and make your way to the other end of town, or are feeling frivolous and are looking to try another continent- put yourself out there and find adventure waiting for you.
  3. Try a new food! For some people this may be a simple resolution, but as a picky eater I can tell you that anything other than mac and cheese is a stretch for me. Go for the wild chicken at dinner instead of your normal burger and fries.
  4. Spend more time with family! If your family is like mine, they’re always scattered around doing a bunch of different things. Try to accommodate your schedule with theirs and have some sibling, guardian, or pet time.
  5. Meditate! Try to leave time in your day to focus on you, your body, the world, and the way they all connect. Even if you’re only going to set aside one minute a day for breathing, it is still a goal to be conquered. If you’re a tech-freak like me, you can even use apps like HeadSpace to guide you in your meditation journey.

Try out these resolutions, or use them to create some of your own, because in 2018 I can tell you will be your best grrl yet!