“Why did you pick your major?”

“What do you intend to do with your education?”

“What would a scholarship mean for you?”

“List the books have you read for pleasure and describe what you learned from one of them.”

“Why do you want to attend this university?”

Umm… What? As many high school seniors probably know, the Common Application is a pretty handy site that keeps all of your college applications organized on one easy-to-access site. I feel like I hear a lot of complaining about what a stress and a drag writing essays and applying to college can be. But I’m here to tell you, even if you find it painful, it’s actually kind of fun. Now this may sound unlikely because it’s kind of like homework in that you have to do it and it is heavily judged by the people who decide whether or not you are going to college, but at least for me, I finally got to the bottom of what I find so compelling about my major… I feel like that’s a pretty good thing to know!

It took me FIVE tries to come up with a personal essay for the Common Application, but finally I realized that I just needed to write about what I love. It sounds cliché but I remember asking my college counselor for help and she told me to simply just start writing and that I might even learn something about myself along the way. And, boy, was she right!

I had absolutely no clue what my initial motivation for theatre was other than I loved it and I didn’t want to do anything else. But I was forced to really think about my answers and I found the real reasons behind my love for musical theatre.

So I hope this is kind of helps ease the pain that is figuring out essays for college, because who knows? It might just teach you something about yourself.