My latest obsession: old Kanye. I’m talking first album Kanye… the good Kanye. Once you start listening again, you can’t stop.

Kanye said his album The College Dropout’s overall theme was to “Make you own decisions. Don’t let society tell you ‘This is what you have to do.’” (Which could be a new years resolution of yours if you’re anything like me.)

This whole album basically shoutouts the people that never believed in him, and touches on topics like religion, sexuality, family problems, self-consciousness.. etc. Plus, the sample credits are to die for.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some female-objectifying lyrics that make me want to turn down the volume… but I can’t help listening to “The New Workout Plan” every time I turn on his album. Let me say.. it IS the perfect jam-workout song, and if those lyrics about how you’ll get a man if you get fit annoy you, then maybe it will help you run a little faster or punch that punching bag a little harder.

Lets not forget about Late Registration either. Time magazine says the album serves as an exhibition of “the stealthy power of West’s storytelling.” I agree with this wholeheartedly, because “Addiction”, “Celebration”, and “Late” play on repeat during my car rides every day.

Plus, if you’ve got senioritis like me and need some anthems to sing about how you think school is pointless now…. these are the albums for you.

Overall, these albums may give you the perfect flashback and a good break from the radio-famed rappers we hear every day.

I hope I’ve stirred up some excitement in you to go listen to some old Kanye today.

If I did… here’s a playlist of my favorite songs:

Happy listening!

Lucy C.