I don’t know if you’ve read Harry Potter. I don’t know if you’ve watched the movies. I assume you know that it’s about magic and friendship and lots of other great themes, but what’s most important is the numerous parodies all over the internet. One of these parodies is Potter Puppet Pals, and I am not exaggerating when I say that watching these are some of my best memories. So why not share the laughter?

  1. Wizard Angst

Ah, yes. The one that inspired this whole idea. The iconic scene of Harry banging his head against the wall saying “angst, angst, angst” will never get old for me. Also, Harry has never been more relatable than when he screams about Ron invading his personal bubble, because guess what? I too have a rather large personal bubble that people invade sometimes. And as a senior, I can tell you that Harry speaks for everyone in my grade when he says that he “feels cranky and pubescent today and I don’t know why.” We never know why. If you couldn’t tell, this is a cry for help. Why are we like this.

  1. Ron’s Disease

Twenty-three seconds in and I am already laughing as soon as Ron says “Every day is beautiful with you, Harry!” What positivity. I need a Ron in my life. He is, apparently, also diseased in this episode, so maybe I don’t want a Ron (although my entire AP Biology class may have E.coli so I don’t know). Seeing Ron ask if he could jump on the “big, hairy mattress” before doing it reminds me that impulsivity is nice, but consent is nicer. Except the “big, hairy mattress” happened to be Hagrid, so I guess asking first didn’t really help.

  1. Snape’s Diary

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this episode. First of all, it is full of angst, but it’s angst about losing some buttons, so it’s okay to laugh at it. He even writes a pretty nice poem about his buttons and is nice to Ron! A shocker! Snape has never been nice to Ron! Granted, he does call him “orange one” and not his actual name, but every bit of niceness counts.

  1. Wizard Swears

The first thing you should know about this episode is that Neville is a butternut squash, because why not? The second thing is that it is technically rated PG-13 for language and boyish attitude. This episode is a great example of how to not avoid getting in trouble. For example, don’t shout “Voldemort’s nipples!” in front of a teacher. Neville even affirms his Gryffindor-ness with some wizard swears! General tomfoolery abounds, which is why this is a quality episode.

  1. The Mysterious Ticking Noise
  2. You can’t mess with a classic.