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February’s Favorite Things

written by | art by Olivia Dailey

Published on Feb 15, 2018


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The skincare and makeup edition

For this month’s installment of GrrlPunch’s Favorite Things, I decided to rely on my own preferences. At first I thought that including a hodgepodge of my favorite everything’s would be a good idea. However, upon further reflection, I decided to do something near and dear to my heart: skincare and makeup.

I’ve been plagued with acne since my early teen years. As a result, I have always prioritized my skin care regime. Similarly, I care very much about the products I decided to use on my skin. Before purchasing a new product, I read the ingredient list, and, if I must, consult my┬ádermatologist.

After years of picking through brands and trying out new things, I’ve landed on three brands I swear by: Cetaphil, Milk and Glossier. Together, these brands leave my skin happy and healthy. However, I know sometimes looking at a website full of products on your own can be overwhelming.

So, I am here to recommend my go-to’s. Whether you’ve tried these products and use them regularly, or you’ve never heard of any of the aforementioned, read below to see what I have to say. If you think I’ve missed something, comment below with what you use!

Emily Zachry

About the author

Emily is the managing editor. When she is not doing GrrlPunch related things, she enjoys holding cats and trying to be funny.

Olivia Dailey

About the Artist

Native Memphian. I enjoy buying books I'll never read, making art, and listening to my favorite band The White Stripes.



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