THEME: Sooner or Later

My Colombian Photo Diary

written by | art by Syd Sanders

Published on Feb 07, 2018


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Over winter break, I got the amazing opportunity to travel with my best friend, a native Colombian, back to her home for three full weeks. These weeks were filled with so much fun, culture, spanish, and love. Here is a little glimpse into another country’s festivities for the holiday:

(Pictures 1-4) A day at the farm… we spent this day making manjarblaco, a typical Colombian dish similar to dulce de leche, with my friend Sofia’s family and friends.

(Picture 5) A woman full of beauty, confidence, and fruit in the city of Cartagena.

(Pictures 6-7) A rooftop bar in Cartagena, officially the prettiest place I’ve ever been.

(picture 8) Christmas night is celebrated on December 24 in Colombia. This night was full of fun and gift giving, along with lots of spanish games.

(Pictures 9-10) New years Eve was quite a night to remember. This night brought many traditions I never thought to think up: letting go balloons filled with our wishes for the upcoming year, setting lanterns off into the sky, and running up and down the street with suitcases for good travel.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I loved to take them. See you next time!

Lucy C.

Lucy Callicott

About the author

Lucy is an author for Grrlpunch and isn't ever afraid to make a fool of herself for a little fun!

Syd Sanders

About the Artist

Syd is an illustrator at GrrlPunch. She is a self proclaimed dweeb, comic book aficionado, and aspiring story artist.



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