New Year’s Resolutions! Remember those? Did you make any? Did you follow through on any? Wait, no, don’t stop reading. I promise this won’t be a sanctimonious article reprimanding you for not executing! I’ve read far too many of those, and I’m actually here to offer a counter.

I did make a New Year’s Resolution this year, several actually, which per my journal entry on the first of January this year were “eat a healthy breakfast every day, read more books, and be a better friend.” I’d like to say I’ve thus far executed on one of those, but other than the avocado toast I had 4 days ago and the books I’ve been forced to read for school, I can’t say I’ve exactly changed too much.

But I would argue that just the process of verbalizing habits and qualities about your life that need alteration is helpful at the bare minimum and usually ends up resulting in some sort of change of lifestyle for the better. No, I haven’t been eating healthier, but acknowledging the fact that’s something I want for myself has made me realize to what extent I eat crap food and, if nothing else, has made me at least feel worse about doing it.

Truthfully, actually keeping a New Year’s resolution for a whole year (which I’ve managed to do one time in my life) only ended up making me feel fine. I feel like people often go into the resolution making and up-keeping process with this expectation of an immediate sense of triumph or satisfaction at the end, which I can attest isn’t always true.

Ultimately, if it’s only February and you’ve already broken your resolution, can you even classify it as worthwhile? Obviously, the change you decided to make wasn’t so critical that you actually felt the need to maintain the change. So can too much harm actually be done? Odds are you were a pretty solid human in 2017, and if I were a bettin’ woman, I’d guess you’ll be a pretty good person in 2018 too without any revisions to your lifestyle. And isn’t it pretty gratifying to just continue being yourself? I don’t know about you, but I love going into a new year as the same me. Personally, I take it as a small little token of self-appreciation and self-confidence.

Maaayyybbbeee I’ll read a couple more books this year, and maaaaayyybbbe I’ll have an overpriced green smoothie next week, but for now I’m just chilling in my comfy, familiar skin, and that’s alright with me!