If you live anywhere where it hits 100 degrees during the summer, I know you have the same struggle I do. I have too many summer clothes, and in the few months of the year that it can drop below freezing, I end up wanting to repeat outfit after outfit. I try my best to avoid the safety net of sweaters and jeans with these tips.


Layering is basically my wintertime savior. Any cute, strappy, summer top looks super cute with a light turtleneck or long sleeved shirt underneath. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. This works for any crop top, lightweight button down, or short-sleeved shirt you have laying around. Tights are also one of my go-to’s. From fishnets to sheer hose or heavy-duty fleece-lined tights, I have and wear it all. Tights add character and, more practically, warmth to an outfit. Plus, wearing shorts and miniskirts in the winter is, like, so cool.

Back to Basics

Don’t be afraid of the chunky knits and jeans. With a sweater that’s just the right amount of big, some well-fitting jeans, and cute boots, you have a killer, cozy look. Just because it’s been done a million times does not mean you can’t put a fun twist on it. Next time, try tucking in your sweater to your jeans and putting a fun belt around your waist!

The Shoe Situation

Boots! Boots are a must-have for the colder months AND the warmer months! You can catch me wearing my Docs and over-the-knee boots well into August, so don’t feel too guilty for dropping a few dollars on some new kicks. Boots automatically make any wintery look complete, but as long as you stay away from anything too furry or warm, they can be worn year-round.

These are some of my tips for transforming your summer wardrobe into a winter-ready lookbook. Have your own tip? Leave it below!