Looking back on old TV shows and films, sex is rarely talked about. Think I Love Lucy. Can you even imagine seeing Lucy and Ricky doing it on stage? In our generation almost every TV show and most movies speak about sex. Now sometimes I believe this is okay. I’m happy that sex has become something people are more comfortable discussing and that this has led to the film industry showing a more real side of relationships, but other times it can give people, especially younger audiences, ideas about sex that can be misleading or incorrect.

It scares me personally that younger audiences are open to different movies and TV shows that express these topics. These kids see people on the screen having sex, and what many don’t understand is that it’s fake. These specific industries lack the proper conversations addressing the many issues that come with making the personal choice to have sex. The television industry seems to just skip over the scene where someone takes out a condom, or says that they’re on birth control, which can give audiences the idea that safe sex is overrated. People aspire to be what they see on screen. They relate films to their own lives. So when someone sees one of these sex scenes, it can give them the idea that when they decide to have sex, contraceptives are not something they should worry about.

Some of my favorite shows have major topics about sex, but I understand that what I’m watching is fictional. The film industry rarely seems to talk about practicing safe sex. From what I have seen, unless safe sex or STD’s are a main point of the program, they are rarely talked about. Our generation is growing up watching these shows and is learning nothing about the practicalities that come with making this choice. Condoms and other contraceptives need to be more freely talked about on television. Without it people can bring the sometimes poor decisions of the characters on the screen into their own lives.