Living as an ENFP, I often view myself as a walking paradox. ENFP stands for Extrovert iNtuitive Feeling and Perceiving. My personality type is one of the extroverted types, however of the extroverts, my type is the most introverted. There is a balance between my introverted side and my extroverted side, making me an ambivert, aka a mixture of both.

Here’s a scenario: It’s a Friday and you’ve been excited all day because you know you are about to go to a huge social event later with your peers and get lit. So, the whole day you are having fun, being a chatty Cathy and meeting and bonding with a ton of new people amongst old friends. Yet, as the time rolls closer and closer, you, for some reason, feel your energy depleting rapidly. You know that before you go out you need to take a nap otherwise you will crash. So you take a quick nap before the event, wake up feeling slightly more energized, get dressed, and head out. You are having fun for a little bit, and then boom: sensory overload. You don’t want to talk to anyone anymore. Overwhelmed by the amount of people and noise around you, you want to isolate yourself in your room, get under you covers and throw you phone away so that you can have time to yourself.

This, for me, is the day in the life of an ENFP. Of course, I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I have noticed amongst other friends with the same personality type, we love to be social but we really value and need our alone time too. People who are close to me don’t always seem to understand how a switch can just flip on my mood and it’s often difficult to explain without sounding unnecessarily moody. I am a social butterfly. I love meeting and connecting with new people but after a while I need to go inside and process all of the new information and events I experience in that day. I have to gather my thoughts and think through new ideas by journaling, otherwise I might go insane.

Being both an introvert and extrovert has been a lot to come to terms with over the years, because, as I stated earlier, I feel like I am a walking paradox. But I have started to notice the two main signs for when my mind is telling me to go recharge. Sign #1 is when I get annoyed with others easily simply because they are near me, not because they have actually done anything wrong. Sign #2 is when I feel more tired than normal after being in a large and overwhelming space or having talked to a bunch of different people in a very short time span. I’m learning how to deal with sensory overloads and not taking it out on other people. Like anything, practice makes perfect. I really love my personality. It has it challenges but overall, I think being an ENFP really suits me.