It is no secret that I love Glossier. Lucy and I have advocated on the brand’s behalf for years. However, we know that not everyone will hop on the bandwagon as wholeheartedly as we have.

As a result, I decided to review and rate all of the products I have tried over the years. Now, instead of bulk ordering a bunch of products you’re unsure of, you can consult this list in order to make you decision.

Let’s start with skincare:
Glossier is known for their trademark: “Skin first. Makeup second.” As a result, when I started shopping Glossier, I bought their skincare products first.

Milky Jelly Cleanser
Rating: 3/10
Interestingly, this is the first Glossier product I ever tried. I used it religiously everyday for six months. It made my skin feel clean and refreshed immediately after cleansing. However, over time I could not justify the cost. Additionally, it did not do anything for my hormonal acne. As a result, I latr swapped to Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser and never looked back.

Priming Moisturizer
Rating: 8/10
Glossier’s priming moisturizer is one of my favorite, go-to products. I use it multiple times a day, and it keeps my skin happy and dewy. I’ve found it works best to use this product after cleansing in the morning and nighttime. Additionally, I’ll dab on an additional amount before applying makeup. It is a lightweight hydrator, which is perfect if you’re not looking to bog down your pours.

Balm Dotcom
Rating: 5/10
I have been using the original Balm Dotcom since I originally ordered Glossier in 2017. Since my order, Glossier has released more options, which I have not experimented with. However, I have been decently pleased with this original product. It is packed with hydration, and it provides stronger coverage. Additionally, it can be used on pretty much anything: lips, feet, elbows. . .Interestingly, though, sometimes I struggle to find a real need for it.

Rating: 7/10
I jumped on the Solution bandwagon the moment I saw the announcement on Instagram. In fact, I ordered mine almost immediately. I was impressed with the product’s overall quality, and I appreciated that it did not burn or over-exfoliate my skin. The solution could combat my cystic acne, and reduce all of my blemishes over night. The Solution’s product description boasts that it changes your skin, and it definitely changed mine. However, after about a week of using the product, I started to break out in different ways. For example, instead of getting cystic acne on my forehead and chin, I would get smaller pimples on my cheeks.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
Rating: 9/10
I’ve never actually purchased this product on my own. Instead, I’ve tried Lucy’s on the occasional grrls’ night. It has become a ritual I look forward to. This face mask feels incredible during and after its use, and I’m currently saving up to purchase my own. It leaves your skin feeling tighter and more refreshed. Not to mention, it healed two under-the-skin pimples I had brewing.

Super Pure
Super Pure was one of those product I enjoyed while I had it, but I didn’t love it enough to reorder. It was fun and different to apply a serum at night, but I never noticed a real difference. Additionally, it never did what it promised: prevent acne. If anything, it was more of a nightly hydrator.

Now onto makeup:

Generation G
Rating: 10/10
Generation G’s Crush was the first Glossier makeup I tried, and I instantly fell in love. It is by far my most reorder item. If you’re looking for a lightweight lip tint that also provides hydration, Generation G is your answer. Additionally, there are enough colors to mix things up each time you reorder.

Boy Brow
Rating: 10/10
Another perfect score. Odds are, you’ve seen the reviews for this product before. If you haven’t, I’ll give you a hint: they’re glowing. I’ve tried this product in clear, brown and blonde, in order to maximize my exposure. Ultimately, I love the brown Boy Brow the most. However, I was pleased with each color in a different way. The brow-defining makeup perfectly grooms your brows and leaves you with an effortless look.

Stretch Concealer
I use my stretch concealer everyday, and, honestly, I love it. Even if its coverage is not the best ever – it gets the job done for me. Partnered with a concealer, it accomplishes its dewy goal, and leaves your skin smooth and unflawed.

Perfecting Skin Tint
I used this skin tint for nearly eight months. However, once I ran out, I decided against reordering. Ultimately, it did not provide enough coverage for me. I will say though, it never broke my skin out. Plus, it always left my skin dewy and refreshed (when I was without blemishes).

I’m convinced I don’t know how to use this, and, as a result, it is impacting my perception of it. Overall, it is glittery and beautiful, but whenever I apply it to my skin, it does not reflect that beauty. Perhaps it is because my face does not have any defining characteristics, i.e., no strong jawline. Regardless, I still love this highlighter!

Rating: 8/10
This is another product I’ve only used by proxy. On special occasions, Lucy will allow me to use her Wowder, and I am always thoroughly impressed. What I love the most about this product is that is adapts to your skin, and does not leave you looking ghostly. Instead, it sets into your previously applied products (think stretch concealer and skin tint). The end result is effortless and fun.

Did you know they have fragrance too?

Glossier You Perfume Solid
Rating: 8/10
This product is by far the most convenient Glossier product. I am able to keep mine with me at all times. It is easy to store in your purse, makeup bag, car, etc. Additionally, the solid form is long-lasting and fragrant, but not too fragrant. Overall, I really love this product for on-the-go use. Combined with Glossier You in the morning, this product will leave you smelling great all day.

Glossier You
Rating: 10/10
I first encountered Glossier You as a complimentary sample. Over time, I’ve collected enough samples to use the scent daily. It is incredibly fragrant, in the best kind of way. Plus, it stays on your all day, especially if you partner it with the solid form. If you’re looking for a new scent, Glossier You is your best option.

Overall, I love each and every one of Glossier’s products, even if it was not a 10/10. I believe that each individual will have different experiences with the products. As a result, I encourage you to leave your opinions in the comments below.

Or, if you end up purchasing something be sure to use my code, and let me know via email what you think!