Everything is fake. Your whole life is a lie.

While this might not technically be true, it really feels like it is. When living in the present moment, it becomes hard to think of a concrete past or a concrete future. Sure, maybe you do remember an embarrassing moment that happened to you in the past in vivid detail, but do you really? I guarantee that there were some details you might not have registered at the time because you were so focused on your own embarrassment. So once again, I repeat my point: many things in your life just don’t feel real.

For me, the past seems unreal. For example, any time I do any public speaking, I remember everything how it is in the moment, but just after the moment has passed, I can only think, “Did that really just happen?” I know it happened, but it somehow still feels . . . fake. Like it never happened. Although, this could also be due to all the anticipation that was building up to that moment has passed.

If the past seems like a mirage, the future seems even more impossible. In less than six months, I will be moving away from my home, but at the moment, that reality seems hard to believe. For even something in the nearer future, like just getting through another school day, that seems unreal too. So I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that is real is the present.

It’s not like I’ve forgotten the past or refuse to think about the future, but if I know that the present is real, it makes life a lot more enjoyable. There are what-ifs for the past, and there are what-ifs for the future. But the present? There is only the action you take, and that is what you should be thinking about. This is not an easy task for me because I love worrying about every little deadline in the future and how it seems unreal that I’ll ever meet the deadline. But if you’ve ever faced some inconceivable deadline, then you know that at one point, you will reach it, and that future will be real. For now, I choose the present.