Okay ladies, its that time of year again, during which we start packing up our coats and scarves and start whipping out the clothes for warmer weather. When warm weather comes, shorts, tank tops, music festivals, and lots and lots of pictures emerge. Therefore, to have you looking picture perfect, I wanted to share my skin care tips for glowing skin during the spring and summer!

I have normal skin, so my routine might not be the routine for you. At the end of the day, what you need to do is figure out what your skin type is and find products that your skin loves! I just wanted to share my skin care products along with some tips for anyone who might be curious as to clearing their skin up.

So the first step to clear skin is to drink water. I know, you have probably heard that a million times and you’re probably reading this exasperated at the lack of new information, but I’m serious. I used to hate drinking water. But after reading that it could help make your skin look more hydrated and healthy, I decided to see if it was really true. Indeed, it was. My skin lost its dull look, and it was plumper. If anything, it gave my skin that “glass skin” effect before that became a trend. So give it a try. It doesn’t have to be a lot at first; you can build your way up to drink the right amount of water, not just for your skin, but for your overall health.

In terms of products, simplicity is key for my skin to flourish. I use a vegan gentle foaming cleanser called Pacifica Sea Foam Face Wash. It was about $7 at Target and has no sulfates.  This is important because just like sulfates in your shampoo and conditioner dry your hair out, sulfates can similarly dry out your skin. This cleanser is gentle enough so that it does not strip away all of the natural oils on my face but productive enough to make my face clean while minimizing and tightening my pores. A skin cleanser is the first step in ensuring that all of the dirt from the day has been washed away and mine is just one of many.

After I use a cleanser, I use a toner. A very popular one is the Thayer’s Witch Hazel rose water toner. This stuff is alcohol free and simply magical. Toner is meant to balance your pH, therefore, evening your skin tone along with shrinking the size of your pores. A perk about this toner is that after washing your face, it feels really cool and refreshing on your skin. My roommate uses 100% Aloe Vera gel as her toner, and I would recommend that for those with oily skin; however, any skin type can use it. Her skin is so nice and even, and I have heard for many that is helps with dark spots.

Following a toner, I like to apply my moisturizer. Personally, I think the understandably underrated Walmart brand Equate is amazing. Since I have normal skin, it is not too much for me to put something this oily on, but I know plenty of people who shy away from putting too much oil on their face in fear of breaking out. There are plenty of moisturizers online that work to target different aspects of different skin types. Just find the one that is right for you! What’s important is finding one that keeps your skin from drying out and retains moisture well.

Last but not least, and most certainly my favorite, are face masks. My friends know that, if I have one weakness, it is indeed face masks. I love using sheet masks once a week. They come in many different “flavors,” from rose to manuka honey, and they each work so well because the essence is soaked into the skin right away. My favorite brand of face masks is Innisfree, a Korean skin care company. Another great Korean brand is Nature Republic, and both a equally great.  Check out their selection online, because their masks always leave my skin glowing! Aside from sheet masks, another face mask I use is Cup O’ Coffee from Lush. It is more of an exfoliating face mask since it has ground coffee in it, so if you have sensitive skin, this might not be the product for you. However, do keep in mind that it is important to exfoliate your skin, even if you have sensitive skin, in order to strip the dead skin away.

And then, tada! Once you have appplied your moisturizer, you’re done! Now I have walked you through my simple yet effective skin care routine. As you can see, you don’t have to buy a bunch of products, and when you do buy products, they don’t have to be super expensive. I hope you all have learned a few things about skin care through my routine and are eager to have healthy glowing skin this summer!