I have a guilty pleasure.

My guilty pleasure is watching women in movies shooting guns. I don’t know what it is. When I see Betty Draper take stonefaced potshots at birds in Mad Men, or watch the wife in A Quiet Place cock her rifle, I get chills. Honestly, the same thing goes for women fighting in general; I started tearing up while watching the first battle of the Amazons in Wonder Woman. I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying this. In recent years, everything from books to TV shows has depicted women being violent, wielding guns, taking revenge.

I’ve formed a theory about this phenomenon. So much of the news, so much of entertainment, and even much of our history is filled with women being subjugated and abused. Everywhere you turn, you hear about a woman being assaulted by her boss, a trans woman being raped, girls sold into sex trafficking. It is depressing. It is exhausting. I know that every day we are making progress and moving forward; awareness is important and these issues must be brought to light. But when the president of my country says that he grabs women “by the pussy,” I really just feel like punching a damn wall. We need an outlet, a revenge fantasy; sometimes we just need to see a woman grabbing a gun and taking a shot at the next stupid man who tries to touch her. Think Mad Max: Fury Road, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, even Thelma and Louise.

I know that violence is not the answer to solving the lingering issues of sexism and misogyny. The solution will come through institutional change, conversation and transparency. But do you blame us for needing a little catharsis sometimes? It is so amazing to see strong, badass, confident women who stand up for themselves and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Women who grab back.