Instead of directing your own short film, life can sometimes feel a little bit like playing the extra, or, if you’re lucky, maybe even the awkward best friend in someone else’s film.

It seems as though situations are constatnly out of our control. To name a big one that either has or will affect all of us: college decisions. Everyone’s favorite topic!

All I can say is that I went in with eager optimism, and came out feeling like a wet rag. After going into audition after audition with a number pinned to my chest, I started feeling like cattle. When I got the decisions back, I had this negative realization that so many of those decisions are based on pure luck.

Whether the decisions were good or bad, I started feeling as though I had absolutely no control over where I got in or how much money I received – regardless of how well I prepared. To go along with that, I slowly started to see where my best friends would end up in a few months. All split up.

It is a difficult time filled with unknown possibilities. It seems like everyone else is making all the decisions for me, and I have no say whatsoever on what happens to my future over the course of the next four years.

HOWEVER. I’m here to tell you give you a silly little metaphor that you can use to the betterment of your mindset when it comes to things outside of your control: Life is like a short film.

You only have a limited amount of time to establish your purpose and carry out your message. You do not have time for “extra’s,” or to be “extra.” You get to decide who is in your short and who isn’t.

Who is going to serve you? When I say “serve you,” I don’t mean in the servant sense, but who is going to nurture your purpose? Who is going to continually encourage you when you’re inclined to give up?

Plot twist! Not everyone in your life is going to stay there. Not even those you felt like you could trust with the world.

You call the shots (for the most part), and every moment is crucial in elaborating on the greater scheme.

However, what do you do when you lose control? Just let the camera roll, sister. Take a breath, and let live. Choose to believe that better days are on the way, and that things happen for a reason.

Perhaps things will fall apart so that they can fall back together in a way that will serve you more exponentially than before.

I’ll leave you with this last question for thought: your answer should this determine your outlook, decisions and actions in life. When the credits finally roll, what do you want the audience to remember from your life?