There comes a point in each relationship when you are ready to take the next step.

Whether it’s holding hands or a first kiss or even intercourses, each of these are different steps leading into a deep relationship. Each step brings you and your partner closer. But when is it love?

Love is terrifying. My friends and I all refer to Love as, “The L Word,” cause we are so afraid to use it. To love is to give our all, to give to full 100% into committing. Your heart expands where there is a certain section specifically for the person you love. So yeah, I believe using, “Love,” is a big deal.

In today’s society, unfortunately, the word is broken. It hardly has as much meaning anymore. We throw it around like it’s a ball and we don’t care if it drops because we just pick it up again and continue throwing. We use love for everything. Do you really LOVE that food you just tried for the first time? Do you have a physical and emotional connection to it? Or what about that one song you just heard? It has a good bop but do you love it to the point you can’t live without it? Ok, you might, I don’t know you but I think you understand the point i’m trying to get across.

I used to be like this. I used to tell so many people I loved them when, honestly, they were just so average in my life. I think I even told a waiter once I loved him because the restaurant had root beer (I genuinely actually love root beer, i have an emotional connection to it) but do I love the waiter as a person or do I love the action he is providing me? Maybe I say the L word because, I have the need for everyone to feel appreciated. That’s not a bad thing but in the end, there are more compliments I can give them instead of lying to myself. I don’t really love the waiter, even though he brought me root beer.

After realizing this, I now only say it to people I truly do love. I absolutely love my best friends and the ones who have stuck by me through all the BS in my life. Those are the true loves of my life. I absolutely love my family, especially my mother.

If you can take anything from this article, take that love is beautiful, but make sure it’s used correctly or in a way that benefits you. Don’t say it if you not ready. Sooner or later you will find out if you truly love something.

And after all, I truly love them, but that’s my secret. Who do you love?

Thank you so so much Maloree for the beautiful art. <3