This past school year and summer has been a lot to manage and I am sure I am not alone in this feeling. Everything is always so fast paced in our millennial lives and it can be hard to get a break and slow down. We live in a world that is smaller than ever and any information we need is at our fingertips. For this reason and for many other reasons, slowing down can be difficult. With summer reading, summer classes, internships, and constant questions from every angle about what you plan to do with your existence, it’s safe to say feeling overwhelmed is not a far off feeling. Personally, even when I get a chance to relax, I still feel on edge, as if I am missing something or forgetting an assignment, but I have been trying to overcome that feeling. At the very least, cope with it.

As a kid growing up, summer was something to look forward to. You were no longer in school and you had the majority of your summer to be a kid. However, as I have gotten older, summer has become less of a break and more of work in disguise. I am still doing a tremendous amount of activities, but now, they have shifted away from solely being fun to being something necessary for my future. So in that, I have had to figure out how in the world it is possible to slow down.

It has taken a while to find the solution to this problem and I still haven’t found all of it. However, I have started to find some of it in mornings. When I first wake up, I try not to check my phone, my laptop, none of it. I take a moment to myself to just be present for a moment. It may seem easier said than done, but after doing it for a certain amount of time, it has become habitual. I pull the blinds up for the day because natural light on an early summer day is as close to heaven as I can get from earth. Sometimes I’ll even throw on a face mask or do what yoga I can remember to help wake my body up.

A calm morning is a method that has worked for me. When I am feeling overwhelmed about everything I have to do, I like being able to put my phone down for a little bit and just have my thoughts. I think that it is important to find time for yourself. It is okay to be selfish with your time. If you need to recuperate and figure out why you feel so drained, figure it out. If you need time away from the world and from all the questions about where you are in life, your true friends will be waiting for you when you are feeling better.

I have learned through my mornings that feeling drained is not a healthy nor a normal feeling for me to have. Of course, it might be inevitable but I am trying to take baby steps in ensuring that I never feel too overwhelmed too often. So find what it is that helps you feel relaxed and know that it is okay to slow down every now and then.