Mi abuelita is the strongest women I have ever come to know and love. She is no man’s fool with her strong opinions and everlasting ambition to work hard. My aunts are just as brave and resilient as mi abuelita. Strong and united they stand as powerful latina women, who have raised families that never give up.

With success comes sacrifice, and with sacrifice comes heartbreak. Mi abuelita fought hard to be an American. She traveled from Colombia with her two children and the clothes on their back to be where they are today. A successful immigration story filled to the brim with opportunity and love for a country that believed in them, when the homeland did not. A immigration story that brought happiness to family.

What about the immigration stories that don’t end so neat and tidy? What about the families who have gotten separated because of the Trump Administrations ‘no tolerance’ immigration reform? How does their story end?

Over 100 children have been separated from their families in the Southwest border due to illegal crossings into the U.S. Today all of these children were supposed to return safely to their families, instead 20 will remain in the custody of ICE. The Trump Administration is ignoring a federal judge’s ruling that children under 5 be returned today and have instead kept these minors imprisoned due to “safety concerns” or the parents separate imprisonment in a criminal jail.

Meanwhile as families have been displaced thousands of minors remain separated from their families, unable to find or contact them. Instead of welcoming new people in need of help and refuge we dehumanize and punish them through imprisonment and separation from those they love most, their family.

Our president has disgraced our country with his immigration reform. Treating people as if they are nothing, the government has disregarded the value of human life through their detainment centers and push to take children from their mothers.

This is not the America I know. Is this what we have become? A nation that pushes people out and scars the lives of those praying for a better life? I hope not, as we grow closer and closer to the 2020 Presidential election I wonder if the president will think he’s so tough to step on those who already have nothing.

Only time will tell as the scars of our present slip into past.