Ah, the summer before your first EVER semester at college – what a time to be alive! You’re kind of facing adulthood head-on because you’re learning ~a little bit~ what it means to actually “adult,” so that all those articles on Buzzfeed can actually start to make sense. Some people are just really well-equipped for this whole adult thing, and others just aren’t. And that’s perfectly fine! Not everyone can receive a perfect score on the Buzzfeed quiz asking “Are You Adulting Correctly,” or whatever that quiz is called. And that’s why the summer before college is the perfect time to attempt to get one of those “WOW. You’re the best adult” messages *if you can’t tell, I really don’t know what these Buzzfeed quizzes say at all; I’m just guessing*. You have one foot in the door of childhood and living at home where your parents still get concerned when you don’t eat a balanced meal, and one foot in the door where you could eat a carrot stick, a slice of cake and wash it down with a slushie and a cup of coffee and no one would bat an eye. That’s honestly the kind of life I’m looking to live.

I am straddling these doorways perfectly, in my opinion. I’m not entirely sure when to get my oil changed and sometimes ~all the time~ I have my mom get my gas so I don’t have to. But! I know all the in-network hospitals in my soon to be home-city that are covered by my health insurance company. I also made mug eggs for the first time on a magical whim, so I’m pretty sure that I belong on “MasterChef” and the freshman 15 won’t be in my vocabulary because I’ll be a totally organic-vegan-veggie-paleo-whole 30 positive yoga master. I will be the peak adult, and those eggs prove it.

I will no longer make impulsive purchases totaling over $50 on items I don’t need and have nowhere to put. But that type of adult-esque self-restraint will have to wait until August because I have made some purchases and my items will be arriving in a few days. So, for now, I will simply say that I am planning on becoming this better person who is fully capable of budgeting responsibly – all part of this one foot in, one foot out thing. We don’t want to flip the tables too quickly; start adulting fully too fast. It might upset the balance of our life thus far, and no one wants that. Keep the transition gradual until we lose the key from the first door and we’re locked out of it and have no choice but to embrace the full adult lifestyle. Even if we pay for virtually nothing because our parents receive the bill for our expenses…that are provided to us in a relatively safe and somewhat structured environment; that’s what I call real adulthood, making it on your own, responsibility!

But really and truly, this month – July – where we’re done with high school completely and we’re real college students with IDs and schedules and housing assignments, is kinda wacky. Everything is happening at once and you think you’re totally ready, I know I do. At least, until you’re doing your laundry (as you typically do) and your mom tells you that washing your socks with your other clothes is stupid because they’ll get dingy, and she probably should have stopped you sooner but this is the first time she’s ever noticed. And she tells you that she ~personally~ would have dry cleaned the shirt you put in the washing machine. Hey, at least you still have one foot in so when you get both feet out, you won’t do everything completely wrong, but who’s to say you won’t still mess up your laundry? There’s always another load to get right.