Summer is in full swing and it is RUTHLESS. The temperatures are blazing, the air is humid, and my hair’s frizz is out of control. Never before have I wished this much that I lived in a nudist colony because it is so darn hot. Alas, the nearest colony is 217 miles away and I think my dad just might have a heart attack if I went for such a lifestyle. So, with clothes being an evil necessity, what on earth can you wear this summer to look hot without being hot? In this article, I will be perusing some of this summer’s trends (with helpful suggestions from the lovely GRRLPUNCH staff) to keep you up to date.

1. Tassel/Pom Pom Earrings: These accessories have been everywhere the last few months. Because so many people wear them, I actually started making them to sell to friends and family! They are an adorable addition to any outfit.

2. Platform Shoes: Need a little extra height without killing your feet in high heels? Platform sandals and sneakers are making their way into the world. I can attest that they are fantastic for those of us who are “vertically challenged,” and comfortable too!

3. Embroidery: From dresses, blouses, and even hats, embroidery has been a trend for the last few seasons.

4. Babydoll dresses: These oversized dresses are lightweight, cute, and flowy, which means that they won’t cling to your back on a scorching hot afternoon in the sun.

5. Jumpsuits: These pieces are sleek, fitted, and attractive. Good for a productive day of running errands or a dinner date. Plus, you don’t have to worry about matching or finding that one shirt you wanted to wear. Just slip on one article of clothing and you’re good to go!

6. Denim on denim: More and more folks have been layering their denim. While I cannot seem to pull off the look personally, this 90s trend is making a comeback.

7. Hoops: Channel your inner Jersey girl and indulge in some big hoop earrings!

8. Tie tops: Whether to show a little extra skin or to cool off, tying T-shirts and blouses has become a statement. Just be careful not to stretch your shirts too much if it is not pre-tied!

9. Lip gloss: Sticky? Yes. Getting flashbacks to the contents of your first purse in middle school, consisting only of an empty wallet and themed lip gloss? Possibly. However, lip gloss gives your face a luscious, kissable look without having to add too much color.

10. Heart-shaped sunglasses: Channel your inner Lana Del Rey and snag some of these babies. You won’t have to worry about looking silly when you feel that confident while wearing them!

11. Culottes: Culottes are flowy, capri-length pants that offer breathable leg room while also looking hella cute.

12. Fanny packs: Bear with me here… Fanny packs, ironically enough, have become a phenomenon in the fashion world. They’re particularly useful for summertime concerts, allowing you to tote necessities without worrying about keeping up with a purse or backpack.

Thanks for reading!
Now go out there and slay.

Love & Light,
Jordan Cardell