I would like to tell a little story (little being the keyword) because I am a firm believer that the little things often mean the most.

As a little bit of backstory, I love makeup. I think it is such a fun way to be creative and express yourself. And because I find it so fun, I tend to wear it most days. That being said, I have gotten into the habit of wearing makeup even when I don’t need to just to cover my acne. I don’t have that bad of acne, but I am very pale. So every time I get a zit, the red stands out on my fair skin… a lot. So, I usually try to cover it up with some good ole foundation and concealer, especially for events where I want to look nice.

Well, summer orientation for college rolled around and I forgot to bring my foundation with me. I usually start off my makeup routine with primer and a base of foundation to smooth my face out/prime my face for other products. So forgetting my foundation at home in Memphis frustrated me to no end. I didn’t have time to Uber to the CVS that was about to close the night before orientation, my mom’s foundation didn’t match my skin, and my concealer was running low. Great. I guess I felt the need to cover up my acne particularly since I was meeting new people and my future teachers. And since I am majoring in a field where I need to be on camera a lot, I didn’t want them to not want to put me on camera because of my acne? I don’t know. That’s just where my mind went.

I remember thinking “Okay, I may not have it for orientation, but I can just go get some foundation afterwards. At least I will have some for the rest of the time that I am here in Savannah.” And as it turns out, I never did. I walked into a couple of stores that sold makeup over the next couple days and I did not feel the need to buy foundation anymore. My skin actually loved the break that I had given it and even when my skin had been breaking out, I had come to feel at peace with my skin. I have been trying to incorporate this into my life when I went back home to Memphis for the rest of my summer break.

As much as I love the art of makeup, I do not need it for every run to Target or day in class. If you wake up and are running late, a washed, moisturized face is much more important than a half-assed makeup look for the sole purpose of covering blemishes.

I had learned this lesson the previous summer at camp when I was told (indirectly) to wear makeup everyday to class, but was only given 15 minutes to brush my teeth, make my bed (required), and shower. So I learned that as long as I had on mascara and had my brows filled in, that I was confident and not much different that a full glam look. THIS ACCEPTANCE IS SO VITAL! I’m sorry if it sounds cliché, but I dare you to ditch the foundation (or all makeup for that matter) for a week even if you have to go out or meet new people. You might just love what you find.