I am a writer and not a photographer. I enjoy journaling and coming up with gory short stories and stupid songs and reporting things by word. I like coming of age novels and analyzing lyrics and listening to voices on radio shows.

I do not like looking through a tiny hole and trying to get something to look just right – trying a billion times to do that. I take pictures not to make them ready for a photo diary, but to capture things I want to show other people. Sometimes they might not look so special and print-worthy. That is because I am a writer – not a photographer. B

ut here I am, bringing you a late-July photo diary to commemorate things I’ve done this summer that I want to show others.

Why would I share my shitty photography if it’s shitty? Simply because this summer has been one of peace, sincerity, soaking in, and tingly freedom, all play by play to a sick soundtrack of New Order and the B-52’s and Real Estate…just in time for college in approximately two weeks. The knowledge that I will be thrown into a dorm after such an open and airy summer comes as a smack to the face — and really makes my freedom feel like a bunch of BS. (I know they’re not.) The pictures I took this summer will be useful in helping me get out and make new free memories once in school, and so I figured I’d do with them exactly what I intended, just to help others out who’re in my position — yeah, I’m sharing them.

Enjoy my journey through seeing my beautiful Irish babies (U2), hitching a cross-country plane ride, watching San Francisco break the horizon from the interstate, catching the Golden Gate through mid-morning fog, looking at a sweet WWII Liberty ship and it’s thoughtful crew (in little black frames aboard the ship), the coast from somewhere along CA-1, the free and striking Lone Cypress, some bubbly aquarium propaganda, and my sweet Bono framed in Memphis’ own Sun Studios (where I stood and cried by Larry Mullin, Jr.’s blue drumkit).

These all represent an individual freedom I felt along the way. Thanks for letting me share; it’s definitely very freeing. (How appropriate! Alright, bye for now.)