Amongst the darkness of rain and wind there lies a jacket. Yellow, and made to protect its owner from the chill of the storm. My trusty yellow rain coat. Yes, yellow. The color of happiness and positivity. It is by far my favorite jacket. Not only for its color but it’s style. No matter what outfit I’m wearing, my trusty yellow rain coat never fails as a pop of color.

It has it’s bad days though. Despite its cheerful vibes it receives much hate. I tend to get compared to a fishermen lost at sea or worse, Georgie from Stephen King’s masterpiece, IT. Their negativity does not phase me, however, as I know my jacket means more than their blindness.

My special yellow garment of clothing was originally my father’s cheap steal from Old Navy back in the 90s. It became mine randomly one stressful morning, as I rushed out the house to get to school. I remember thinking how ridiculous I looked in it. It’s over sized sleeves and long body made it look like a dress. But as time passed, I learned to love my perfect rain coat.

It means so much to me now. It represents my happiness, my father’s positivity in life, and a light of joy that shines through the darkness of any storm. My trusty yellow rain coat is my masterpiece and it always will be; guiding me into any battle of rain or snow or the basic struggles life has to offer.