The beginning of a new school year always brings about a plethora of different emotions – it’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and always a little overwhelming. All of a sudden, the glory days of waking up at one o clock in the afternoon and wearing your pajamas all day everyday are gone and you’re left to scramble to get back into your “school routine” once again.

Everyone knows all about this process that never seems to get easier no matter what grade you are in. Now it is back to waking up along with the sun, throwing together a wearable outfit, grabbing a quick bit to eat, and getting out the door on time – all the while trying to stay awake. If this is not hard enough to get used to, there’s also all of the clubs, sports, and shindigs that are steadily piling up. It is all anyone can do to get a second to breathe. Unfortunately, there is no one fix-all formula to handling everything that the school year brings. Everyone seems to have a unique outlook on juggling everything – it is a fact of life that some people are just better at juggling school, extra-curriculars, a healthy social life, and basic human necessities like sleep than others. Although there is no magical solution to a busy life, it is extremely important to find what works for you and your schedule.

There are some basic rules to follow when figuring out what your strategy is. No one can juggle all the stresses of day-to-day life and remain sane without finding an outlet in which to let off steam and relax. Of course, this is going to vary person to person – someone may relieve stress by binge watching every season of The Great British Baking Show on repeat, while someone else finds that daily journaling helps. There are so many different things that could work: meditation, yoga, kickboxing, reading, organizing your closet, and the list goes on and on. Self-care is arguable one of the most important parts of life, you cannot be the best you can be in any sphere of life – whether that is activism, academics, sports, or any other passion that you may have – without taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally and even physically. It is so very easy to forget to eat regularly, take care of your skin, exercise, or even get some sunshine but these things that seem so simple can be super important to being happy with your life. It is also important to find a way to organize all of the events and assignments and just general reminders that stack up throughout the day. Again, the ways to do this are unending; some people swear by a color-coded planner whereas others just got down reminders on scraps of paper thrown in their bag while other people log everything into the calendar on their phones. There is no wrong or right way to organize your life, as long as you find something that works. The only mistake you can make is not at least attempting to keep the madness at bay.

Life is this wild, unpredictable journey that can be overwhelming at times but that can also be super rewarding if you let it. It is worth your while to find a way to manage the craziness of life in whatever way is best for you because when you do, you will find that the journey becomes a lot less scary and a lot more enjoyable.