Outside my window that isn’t technically mine, I can see college boys “shooting the hoops” and people walking around telling themselves they’re going to the library to study when in reality, they’re going to go to the library and lay their stuff on the table and never touch it. I’m happy with what I see outside my window. Except, it’s not really my window – it’s the window of the 4th floor common room in my dorm building.

I wish I could look outside my window and see familiar streets and hear the sounds of home, but that is no longer the case. But we all adjust and get used to things, and I’m not homesick in the slightest; it’s just the little things:

  1. I miss my car. Gladys is and will always be one of my favorite possessions. This whole “walking everywhere” thing is something I must say that I have to get used to. I’ve been in college a week but I still check my belt loop for my keys and have a mini freakout when they’re not hanging there. Then I realize – they’re at home, in the key drawer.
  2. I wish I still had the option to go nowhere while wanting to go somewhere. I feel like at some point we all have that moment where we think “hmm, I wish I had somewhere to be right now,” but we make no effort to do anything about it. Oftentimes, we’re sitting in our pajamas eating ice-cream at noon while watching cartoons, or that might just be me. And I know what you’re thinking, that I don’t technically have to do anything if I don’t want to, and I know I don’t. It’s just that with everything going on – the excitement and activities and the innumerable list of things to do – you can begin to feel obligated to leave your room.
  3. Outside my window, I don’t have my grandmother. She and I are thick as thieves, always have been and always will be. I’ve been told she walks around the house now with her phone in her hand so she won’t miss it when I call her. I guess she wishes I were outside her window too.

While there are many other things that I wish I could look outside my window and see, I’m actually not mad about what I do see. I’m happy to be where I am and I’m happy with the people I’ve met and things I’ve done in the past week. Even though the window I look out of most often isn’t technically my window, I’m happy to call it that. It’s my window for a little bit until I move on to another one, but I can always come back to it. Just like I can always come back to my window at home. A window is just a window, and what you see outside of that window is entirely up to you. It’s your job to decide whether or not you partake in what you see. Enjoy what’s outside of your window, you’ll never realize how special it is to you until you can’t see it anymore.