Welcome to everything I wanted
Isn’t it great how the leaves don’t move
How the buildings are brown like the underside of your sneaker
How my shirt clings to my back
I’m a child caked in sweat
Pulsing along such bitter roads but
How are you supposed to know
Is my mind a pool, are you swimming
My eyes are soft with swords
My heart a sharpened rock against which they
Bang their heads but you
Don’t quite care in the right way because
My mind is a pool, you are swimming
Doing backstrokes and butterflies
And flying by night and catching the bus in
My thoughts
With such leisure, that
My mind—which is a pool—barely ripples, and you swim
Further and further
And you ask me to take a dip
To clean the sweat off my body
To wet the leaves so they might droop
In a fall storm that never comes
Though the dark clouds touch the wispy edge of
Town, a town in which I am encased
With the promise of a future
While the Right Now feels like a pool
Too bottomless to break its surface
It’s rather dark and hot
And I know my mind is this pool
But I am its lone swimmer
And you are back home