I’m sure that many people watch reality shows for the completely unrealistic drama. Personally, I occasionally watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette/any sort of spin-off just because I love seeing unrealistic drama and fakeness. Why, you ask? We’ll save that for another article. But if you wanted to watch an actual pure, wholesome reality TV show, I am here to tell you that you need to watch Terrace House right now.

Terrace House is a Japanese show about six strangers (three men, three women) who live together in one (really nice) house and are set free to develop relationships however they please. Now in a Western TV show, this would normally devolve into a lot of drama, crying and sex. However, because this is the Eastern world and things generally work differently, people are actually nice? And pure? And they actually want to help each other achieve their dreams? I kid you not, there was once an entire scene where everyone talked about their dreams and everyone else sincerely listened to them. I felt cleansed.

The best thing is, sometimes relationships happen on this show. And sometimes they don’t. They’re not the sole focus – but when they do happen, I love it. I’ve watched most of Terrace House: Opening New Doors, which is the most recent season, and the couple that forms within the first two seasons is the best. No spoilers, but I love them with all my heart and I want them to be together forever. I understand that life isn’t a fairy tale, but let me have this.

The six of them generally become really good friends and eat dinner together every day and talk about how they’ve been and I love it. On dates, many of them find the most attractive thing to be for the other person to be really passionate about someone. I would love it if someone was instantly attracted to me because of my passion for making the perfect panini in my college’s dining hall. That’s the sort of thing some of those guys would find cute in Terrace House.

Honestly, I could rant all day about it, but I’ve only really watched two seasons of Opening New Doors and half a season of Boys and Girls In The City. (Both of which are seasons—most people say to watch the latter first, but I like the first one better). So instead, I leave you with this: watch Terrace House because it is the purest show I’ve seen and everyone needs that positivity in their lives. Also, it’s on Netflix.