October has arrived and with it comes the pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, spooky decorations and mounting pressure to snag a significant other. Sometimes, it seems as if it is impossible to be able to enjoy the Halloween festivities, like carving pumpkins, planning a costume, visiting a haunted house, or even enjoying a horror movie marathon, without someone special to share those memories with.

With that being said, of course having a boo –no pun intended – to spend this holiday season with is not a bad thing, the issue comes with the pressure placed upon people to have one in order to take part in the holiday hoopla.

There comes a time in any horror movie fanatics life: the desire to watch a scary movie is undeniable, yet there is no one available to enjoy the same go-to horror flicks for the umpteenth time. What does one do? Ignoring the craving isn’t an option but watching a scary movie by yourself is just taboo.

Well, here is the secret no one wants to say: there is nothing wrong with enjoying a horror film all by one’s lonesome. In fact, there isn’t anything wrong with carving a cute pumpkin, or baking those delicious little Pillsbury Halloween cookies or even going to a haunted house by oneself either.

Society has placed such an importance on almost requiring people to share memories and company that people have forgotten how to enjoy a moment without the company of friends or a significant other. Community is important, but learning how to enjoy your own company is a lesson that holds quite its own weight of importance.

Now that the stigma has been eliminated, how does one watch a scary movie alone and also sleep soundly at night? It’s quite a simple answer: it’s all about cancelling out the horrifying with the cheerful.

There are some essentials to the perfect horror movie experience. A solidly enjoyable snack is a must-have: popcorn or a big box of M&M’s. Of equal importance is the environment, watching someone get chased by a masked serial killer is pretty scary, but if you are snuggled up under your favorite blanket in the coziest pajamas you have in the comfort of your bed it isn’t so bad.

Now what is arguably the most important part of ensuring a good night’s sleep after a scary movie marathon is what happens after the end credits. It is imperative to find your favorite family-friendly, feel good movie on Netflix to watch.

This little trick is derived from the theory that the lovably chipper movie distracts you from the horror that you have just endured. This allows one to go to sleep thinking of the pleasantness of the latter movie rather than the fear that they left the former movie with.

Although there are “musts” to watching a scary movie by oneself and getting to sleep without imagining eerie sounds all night, the important lesson to learn from sitting down to a good horrifying plot on your own is that it is okay to not have anyone to lean on during the especially scary bits.

One can enjoy the movie and all of the jump scares and be scared all while just enjoying your own company. Even more importantly is that it is a lesson you can take into handling all of the pressures that come with the holidays.