It’s been a few months since I started college, and I didn’t think I’d get used  to things so  quickly, but oh boy, do I have a routine. I wake up early every day without fail, go to class, come back to my dining hall (instead of trying out the other five available to me), do homework in my residential hall’s common area, and go to bed. There are very few changes to this routine, and I have become complacent. I’m so satisfied with the routine that I have that I hardly even want to try new things. I’m so set on my pre-med track that I don’t really want to have classes that are unrelated (although there is very little space for these extra classes on a pre-med track, but that’s another story). I’m even satisfied with the same food I eat every day, which, in retrospect, sounds ridiculous to me because I used to hate having to do that in high school.

This is complacency: being so satisfied with the current situation that you never try anything new. And I was honestly fine with this until a few weeks ago, when I realized what I was doing. I had always thought of myself as someone who was open to trying new things; I said as much in all of my college essays. So realizing that I had turned into this permanent fixture in my residential hall’s commons came as a shock. I was nominated as one of the people in our residential college who “lives in the commons”—which is fine, but it made me realize that I was like this in more than just one aspect of my college life.

So obviously, I had to try to change this. It took a real effort for me today to tell myself to go work in a coffee shop instead of going back to the commons, but here I am, writing this article in the middle of a coffee shop, feeling very much out of my element. But it’s actually kind of nice? I’ve also been sick for the past three months (I have a horrible immune system and living with the same people constantly doesn’t help—who knew?) and I never went to the (free!) health center because I didn’t want to try the new thing of finding the health center in the first place. Turns out, it’s not actually far from my dorm, and going actually might help. (I also had pink eye, so the necessity to go definitely increased, but I digress). The point that I’m trying to make here is that it is very easy to become complacent. It is very easy to be satisfied with what your current situation is. And it is very easy to forget that you wanted to try new things in the first place. But don’t do that! Or if you do, realize that it’s not a great way to live! New things are fun, sometimes. I was okay with my current routine, but I also wasn’t necessarily happy. Here, at this coffee shop, I’ve already smiled at three new people and I have a constant supply of coffee—so I’d say I’m happy. So go out! Forget the safety of your routine! It’s fun, I promise.