If you are anything like me, you might have a slight obsession with watching the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The gorgeous ensembles, the beautiful models, and the energetic music all come together to create an amazing show that I look forward to every December.

However, Victoria’s Secret has never produced a show without scandal, generally for the very limited and specific ideas of beauty that they promote. This year, the company announced once again that they will not showcase any plus-sized or transgender models in their show.

While this controversial decision is nothing new for the company, it continues to anger people who advocate for a more realistic representation of women. Since the show first aired in 1995, the fact that they only feature the same incredibly thin models each year has been a recurring issue.

Because of this lack of diversity, the show’s ratings continue to go farther down each year, as last year had the least amount of viewings with just under five million. Combined with the increasing lack of viewers and the company’s limited definition of beauty, the show is becoming less relevant than ever.

Although Victoria’s Secret has becoming more inclusive regarding race over the years, they still stand firmly by their decision to not include plus-sized or transgender models. The man behind the VS Fashion Show, Ed Razek, has explained that he has considered being more inclusive with these groups but ultimately always comes back to the same decisions. Razek stated that “the show is a fantasy… it is the only one of its kind in the world, and any other fashion brand in the world would take it in a minute.” He claims that the company did attempt to do a fashion show in 2000 featuring plus-sized models, but “no one had interest, and still don’t.”

Victoria’s Secret seems to have decided on a “fantasy” that suits everyone’s interests; however, everyone has different ideals for their fantasy. While Victoria’s Secret will never be able to please everyone, their restricted sense of beauty has, once again, caused an uproar in the fashion world. While I do look forward to seeing my favorite models walk the runway on December 2, in the future I hope to see more of  the models featured in the show that also perfectly fit in my “fantasy” of a great show.