I am not a tryer of new things.

That is solidified fact among all that know me even the slightest amount. I have written article upon article about how “creature of habit” I am, of how disturbed by change I am, and of how comfortable I am sticking around doing the same stuff on the same schedule for decent periods of time. It’s safe to say even those who know me only by my minimal web presence are aware of my stagnant lifestyle preferences.

And yet, of all the articles I could’ve pitched for myself this December, I stopped on one that came absently floating through my mind, mildly unwanted though nonetheless seemingly enjoyable: a list of new things I’ve found I actually like.

And so, that is what I come bearing today, a list of things I have come across the past couple months and am now sort of attached to in some obsessive manner. It is a compiled list—not at all how a Christmas list works, but here for inspiration when you’re contemplating yours.

These cursed new (to me) things that are messing with my existential principles are as follows:

  1. Vanilla Greek yogurt with peanut butter, granola, and cranberries – As a college freshman rounding out her first semester, I can tell you that this meal (it is a FULL meal) works for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. You are getting fruit, dairy, carbs, protein, etc. It is tasty. It needs no preparation. It doesn’t stink up the dorm room. You don’t have to leave the dorm room. Need I say more?
  2. Elliot Smith’s entire discography – I had listened to Elliot Smith a little when I was a lot younger, thanks to some book I was reading. However, a friend showed me Good Will Hunting—which I could snap myself in half for not having seen before—and Elliot Smith left his mark there. The soundtrack is dotted with his work, and it’s so extremely fitting for the movie. The encapsulated anger and acoustic delivery make it very soundtrack-y for my life, too. I would check out the album Roman Candle and never look back, if I were you.
  3. Wearing shorts over leggings – This is maybe horrible. Fashion has never been something I put much thought into; I mostly just throw things on that I think look nice, even when it is the absolute murder of someone who actually “knows fashion”. However—I hate jeans. I hate wearing leggings when my butt’s exposed. I like shorter tops. Solution: cover my butt with cute and comfy shorts, stay warm with leggings, and ditch jeans. Looks maybe strange, but in the end do you really care? Moving on.
  4. Pink eyeliner – Makeup is also not one of my strong suits. My routine is extremely minimal if I even bother to follow one at all. Solution to looking like I tried while also seeming cool and eclectic: plum eyeline, specifically. I would tell you which one I use, but I’ve definitely worn the label off via excessive use. It’s gel.
  5. Vaseline Lip Therapy – Hi, hello. I’ve used the same classic Chapstick my entire life without much deviation, though let me tell you about Vaseline Lip Therapy in “rosy lips”. It comes in the sweetest ‘lil pot that makes you feel like a freaking giant. It is pink and soft and makes your lips literally that. It smells like roses. I found mine at a liquor store, so you can probably find it anywhere.

So—five things that have changed my life a little, contrary to my being’s ideals. Don’t think I’m not grateful that I’ve discovered new things that make my life happier/easier/stranger/what have you. However, excuse me while I return to my daily schedule, hopefully not to stray anytime again soon.

(Unless something like Elliot Smith comes along again. Though I feel like that might take a while.)