Hi, Tess! I’ve started three different majors in the last two years. I’m interested in a lot of different stuff, but I can’t focus enough to study just one and end up leaving whatever I’m doing because I’m bored. Could this be explained by my placements? I was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, on December 29, 1997, at 07:07 AM

Dear Stargazer,

Thank you so much for your question! As one college student to another, committing to a major for four years is super difficult. You definitely had your share of self-discovery and, hopefully, you’re ready to settle. Looking at your Sun, Moon and Rising, they are all in the powerful architect sign of Capricorn. This means your core energy is committed to something that can be built overtime. You strive for obstacles and because of that you’re good with adversity.

But, it doesn’t necessarily explain your boredom.

What I think might be the underlying factor is your massive first stellium which sits your un-aspected Mars in Aquarius. As a planet, Mars governs our survival mechanisms and, most importantly, our drive. Mars is a very energetic and ready-to-fight cosmic body. Being un-aspected, Mars acts with complete freedom and in Aquarius, it surely loves that. More interestingly, since Capricorn is your rising and is ruled by Saturn, the energy expressed in your rising is funneled by Aries (since your Saturn is in Aries!).

Translation: you need to be energized and most of all, challenged.

You may have went into majors because they were exciting and thought they could challenge you intellectually, but once they became too predictable or easy you left for the next one. You clearly need rigor, but you also want freedom. You don’t like majors that can box you in or deprive you of creativity. With Mars in Aquarius you want to be able to express your talents in a plethora of ways, and unlock your true innovation.

With your Mars sitting on top of Uranus this tells me you’ve dabbled in some sciences or technological fields. These fields are really great ways for you to be challenged and also think outside the box, but you don’t like the idea of being cramped in a lab all day or have loads of assignments filled with equations to memorize. You are a very “hands-on” person, and you want to adventure outside of the classroom.

Your first house stellium also creates a lot of difficulty of answering the question: “Who am I?” So much planetary action jumbles your perception of identity and this may have been manifested as jumping major to major. I wouldn’t really say its boredom as it may actually be your wrestle with figuring out who you are and subsequently, what you want. With your sun and moon in the 12th house this makes such a task difficult because the core of who you are is underneath your cognitive recognition. Your true self calls for stability and committing to something over a period of time so you can grow with it. So, here are some tips I recommend (and follow them in order):

  1. Seek out an academic advisor. The 12th House represents healing with the help of a teacher, therapist or counselor. You need to find the proper tools to undergo the journey for yourself but guidance is the muscle of doing that. Speaking with an advisor helps remedy any confusion you may have and who knows.. their advice on what field to pursue may spark a lightbulb.
  2. Make a list. I don’t care what anyone says, lists help with any situation. Organization provides structure to your vision which your Capricorn rising will certainly enjoy. Make one column of what your interests/hobbies are then make a second column of what careers you may get down with. If you find a connection between your first and second columns then pursue that avenue.
  3. Commit to the process. You are a lightning rod, but it’s time to slow down the pace and get serious. Plan out a strategy statement that describes what you want out of your career, and even a bigger realm: what you want out of life. This provides a good safety net and lowers the stress that can come with taking the next step.

Your true, authentic self is down for the long haul so it’s crucial to get used to the stability that is life. Excitement will surely pave your way but it doesn’t have to be an ingredient in everything. Get comfortable with the steadiness of life and the comfort that brings.

Wish you the best of luck!



This guy I’m talking to wants to take our relationship a step further, and was born the day after me–so we have similar natal charts. I’ve been wondering how that would play out between us in the future: good or bad. I’m not trying to base off how I want our relationship to work on our signs and similar personalities, but just any thoughts on this topic from an experienced astrologer would be helpful. Thank you! (04/29/2000 22:13 Philippines + he was born in America 04/30 time unknown)

Taking the next step is always a big deal and based on your chart, you’ve thought about this question a lot. First, I want to say that all of the answers to your question lies in your chart. His can be useful, but to me, you’re not so much asking for a synastry as you are asking for confirmation. You both are very similar people (literally born a day apart) and for some people that can be good, for others not so much! As a Capricorn rising, you want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into–you want to know the liabilities if possible. Capricorn risings like to curate security or at least predictability when possible. Your Sun in Taurus wants that as well. Another thing to draw attention to is you have this pretty intense Pluto square to your Moon that is also trine to your Sun and Saturn. I know that sounds like a bunch of astrology gibberish so let me break it down for you:

You’re a very self-sufficient person. You know what you want, and you know the type of structural conditions you need in order to prosper and achieve what you want. HOWEVER, you seem to be too self-sufficient to the point where you don’t allow yourself to ask for help. And it’s even worse because based on your chart, you have things that need to be dealt with.

The reason why you may not be dealing with them is because you can’t make sense of them. And instead of doing what you’re supposed to be doing, which is to be present with what you feel and not abandoning it, you’ve resorted to over-analysis. Even with this relationship, you’ve probably already thought of a million outcomes of how it’s gonna go rather than seeing what can unfold. Your Moon square Pluto needs evidence, but your Pluto is in the 12th house where reality and your emotions become vague. You also have your Mercury square to Neptune, which again reiterates the dilution of information to the point where you can’t make any sort of conclusions, and for someone like you, the need to know what is going to play out in each phase is essential.

Now, I want to move onto Neptune because it’s a big part in both of your charts. Both you and your partner have similar charts but the houses and aspects are slightly different. He doesn’t have the intense Pluto square Moon as you do, but rather a nice Moon sextile to Mars with almost all planets squaring to Neptune and a rising unknown because we don’t have an exact birth time.

What I can say is that he seems to be more of a forward-jumper than you are. For him, the details don’t matter as much as the energy in the room. You both are unsure of how this is gonna go, but this uncertainty is a lot more nerve-wrecking for you than it is for him.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if you met online given the Neptunian fantasy that works with online relationships, and maybe you haven’t met him in real life yet and you’re worried how that’s gonna go! Reality is so much different than our technological world and Neptune can be shattering when our idea of someone doesn’t align with who the person actually is. What I can tell you is that your feelings toward him are kinda precarious.

You’re still figuring things out, and you’re grasping at every strand to get some guiding direction. I say, go with the flow (but also be safe). Neptune in relationship creates deception, it creates victim-predator tales so make sure you have this person figured out the best you can. Your chart loves adventure besides the heavy analysis. You have a beautiful Sun conjunction Jupiter and a Mars square Uranus. Don’t prevent excitement, but be cautious of your surroundings.

Hope this helps 🙂



Hello Tess, first of all thank you so much for doing this. For my question, can you advise me how to get out of my financial struggles because I feel that whatever I do I’d fall back to where I started. What should I do to save and keep my money? Should I take more jobs or start a business…? I honestly feel my 9 to 5 job now is not enough but at the same time I’m also still doing my thesis to graduate uni, so my time is limited. I was born in Jakarta, 16 April 1996 at 20:29. Thank you very much!

Jobs can be too much! Let’s be real, society is out here convincing us to overwork ourselves to death. But that’s a different convo for another day. So, based on your chart, you are having super intense planets, Saturn and Pluto transiting your 2nd house. This means that financial issues and questions of where exactly you will earn your income are all big topics that are happening in your life right now and will continue to be big topics for quite some time. And to be exact, Saturn will soon be hitting your natal Jupiter, and, so, I expect that conjunction to occur right around the same time as you are about to making all these big decisions regarding your career (specifically around February-March).

From a general standpoint, I don’t see a 9 to 5 being any good for you. You have quite a bit of Aries energy (a stellium, to be exact!), and it’s squaring your Jupiter. So off the bat this is telling me that you know you want more, you know that you deserve more than what you are getting but you are not quite sure on how to act on it or you’re not sure how to capitalize off yourself. This leads to being stuck financially and also unsure of how to give worth to yourself. With Pluto currently right on your Jupiter you may have suffered some financial losses, or in the future you may receive lots of money and think you hit it big, but then suddenly the next day, week, month or so it will all vanish.

Be careful with deciding on what works for you, and make sure to have all the details planned out. If you don’t then I suggest using this time to start planning and doing research. This goes for taking out loans if you decide to start a business. The likelihood of falling into debt or not reading contracts thoroughly can occur. And the reason I’m saying this is because I do see starting a business as a viable option for you.

Your Aries energy (which includes your Sun, Moon, and Mars) is square to your Jupiter in Capricorn which means you want agency, but you struggle getting it. Starting a business and being your own boss is something that can greatly appeal to that energy and make you less confined to extreme working conditions. I also want to reiterate your time is not limited!! The scarcity you are feeling right now is a product of your perception of reality.

Your Sagittarius Rising is being funneled by Capricorn (since your Jupiter is in Capricorn), and Capricorn energy likes to view everything as nonrenewable. This either leads to rushing the process or feeling less inspired to go after your aspirations. There are many celebrities out in the world who’ve hit their peak at 40. Success doesn’t have a clock, but it does take diligence and willingness to seek it out. You don’t want to be one of those folks, sitting on the couch and thinking about the what ifs.

Finally, my recommendation to how you can get out of your financial crisis is focus on doing the things you love. Your prosperity is most authentic and most thrilling when its derived from what you already love doing. Wealth comes from what pleasures you, rather than what options you force yourself into because of what society is telling you to do. I say this because it’s important but your perception is colored by the systems you are already in, the codes you are told to follow and it’s draining your identity and most of all, your needs. To lead a more authentic and fulfilling life, the answer lies in doing what you know is best rather than whats decided of you by those in power.

Hope this radiates some light!