The pique of a full college experience is living in a dorm. (dun dun DUN) Living on campus can be super convenient for a number of reasons: close to classes, friends live in the same building and _____.

Dorm life also has its not so glamorous moments as well—people stuffing food down the sink, gross bathrooms, restrictions on guests and zero personal space.

Point is…if you’ve lived in a dormitory, need I say more? For those who might be looking to make their college living situations a little more bearable, here are some dorm hacks that anyone can use!

  1. Always, always, always have your ID or room key with you. Always. Make a habit of keeping it in your pocket or wallet. If it’s in your wallet, then make sure your wallet is consistently on your person. I’ve gotten locked out three times this year—one of which being twenty minutes before a final and I didn’t have any shoes. I ended up having to borrow a pair of shoes and a jacket from a friend who lives next to me. It was not fun at all. Just please always have your key.
  2. Get a Keurig! If you’re not a caffeine fanatic, don’t worry; these babies aren’t just for coffee. DO NOT BUY THE K-CUPS. I repeat: DON’T BUY THE K-CUPS. They’re stupidly expensive for way too little products. Instead, buy a single Keurig converter. Then, buy a bag of your favorite coffee grounds. For a much better price, you’re able to make your favorite cup of joe. If coffee isn’t your thing, you can get a can of hot chocolate mix, apply cider mix, etc. Place the mix in your mug and, after lifting the handle and making sure that there is nothing inside the Keurig itself, choose the “hot water” option. It’s a much better way to spend your money!
  3. Buy the ramen sold in the cups—not the plastic bag packages. Stores are now selling noodles in cups so that all you have to do is add hot water. You can use your handy Keurig to add hot water, and you’re done! This way, you won’t have to use—and then wash—a regular dish.
  4. Make a habit of cleaning your room at least once a week. If not for the sake of your roommate’s sanity, then at least so that you won’t have as much to do when you do finally decide to tidy up.
  5. Don’t do laundry on Sunday nights. This is the ultimate time when students realize, “Oh, crap, I’m out of underwear,” and rush to do all their laundry at the same exact time. Try doing yours in between classes or essentially any time other than a Sunday night if you want any chance of getting a machine.
  6. Do NOT leave your clothes in the machines!!! I had washed some clothes, but forgot to get them one night and didn’t have a chance to go back until late the next night after classes and rehearsal. Even though they were there less than two days, all of my clothes were gone. Thankfully, it was a small load, but still. People will take your clothes.
  7. Get some “wonder hangers.” If you’re someone who has a lot of clothes, like me, then you’ll definitely benefit from these. They’re cascading hangers that hold five articles of clothing. You’re able to hang them vertically so that they take up 1/5 of the space that they did before!
  8. Lift your bed for more storage space underneath.
  9. Buy de-wrinkling spray from Target. All I can say is that it’s a miracle. You simply spray it over your clothes, pull the garment in different directions, and you’re wrinkle-free! It is so much faster and more convenient than ironing or steaming clothes.
  10. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. I don’t mean roll them into a messy ball, but roll them in one direction so that you’ll have much more space in your drawers. This method also results in less harsh wrinkles in the fold creases.
  11. Get a wax melter. Most dorms don’t allow open flames, including candles or incense. Instead, freshen up your room with a wax melter and your favorite wax cube scent that you can get at any convenience store.
  12. Save your grocery bags to use as garbage bags for your mini-trash. This way, you won’t have to dump your trash into a bigger bag. Instead, you can just easily remove the grocery bag, tie it up, and throw it out.
  13. Keep sticky notes or a dry erase board as a common ground for communication and reminders between you and your roommate when they aren’t there.
  14. Use an over-the-door plastic shoe caddy as a convenient snack holder.
  15. Keep track of elusive bobby pins by having a small magnetic strip in your desk or nightstand.

Love & Light,