I have a scorpio stellium (sun, moon, mars, and venus in the third house, don’t know if that was needed), and how can I stop myself from overthinking? Or, at least minimize it–I overthink everything, and my mind always goes weird places to say the least.

Hello Scorp,

The third house encompasses everything related to our mental processing and communication. Depending on the energy of this house, it could affect our stress levels and overall, our mental health.

Because Mars is domicile in your chart, you tend to do “Mars things” very well. Meaning, you are able to separate ties when needed and navigate conflict really well.

However, the energy of Scorpio in your third house does propagate paranoia, intrusive thoughts and compulsive habits. Mars overpowers the energy of this house so your thinking can be aggressive, and your words shoot bullets.

More than anything, this creates disturbance in how you correctly process information and your ability to learn. You have attention problems, and perhaps, issues with socializing skills that makes connections quite difficult for you to make.

Due to this third house stellium, you are very involved in your mind and not present enough with your body and environments, which makes engagement even harder.

So, here’s a quick tip guide

  • Establish boundaries with yourself: Feeding into information channels, cyberstalking or committing any bad virtual behavior needs to be recognized. Over-processing can definitely take a toll on your mental health so limit your interactions with the web. This allows space for your mind to decompress and to not get jolted by the information it receives.
  • Greater physical activity: You have Mars domicile, and Mars wants to move and be active! Limiting your consumption of data allows space for you to do other activities. I suggest working out more or going out for walks.
  • BREATHE: We often don’t account how important breathing is, and how important it is to our mind/body systems. Think about your breathing patterns, or at least be aware of your breathing. Do it more. You will recognize how meditative and relaxing it is, and try to incorporate breathing into all of your activities. This can also reduce stress and make you more homely in your body.



I’m a Gemini/Gemini/Virgo w Leo Venus. My crush is a Sagittarius/Aries/Libra w Scorpio Venus. How can I best let him know I like him?

Hello Stargazer,

You and you potential crush have a very tight square between each other’s venus. The Venus square Venus can promote attraction for others, but in some cases it can promote completely different habits and tastes within two people which can make them drift apart.

As a Leo venus, you have no issue making your attraction known, but his Scorpio venus leads with a secret agenda. Hey, he may like you but he won’t admit it to you or himself.

You Suns are also directly oppose to each other. Very common we see opposites attract as the opposition is merely just two signs who are on the same mission but complete the mission differently. Both of you can surely connect based on your ideas and conspiracy theories; however, there are two warning areas:

The first, your moon in Gemini falling into his eighth house and your Chiron conjunct his Pluto. I believe you open wounds for him, wounds that he prefer to leave unopened. You trigger something in him that is very powerful but also frightening. This is not to say you are a bad person, or that you are a bad influence on him. As your the “Chiron person” in this case, you have some power in allowing him to heal from his past, but he refuses to do so.

The old saying goes: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it. You have the tools to make the relationship powerful and transformative for you both, but he may just not be ready for that and thus, we must respect his decisions. What you can try to do is talking to him in an intimate and personal space (which his Scorpio venus will feel very safe around), and be honest with your intentions. I hope this helps!