As you may have noticed, the long-running online magazine Rookie Mag came to an abrupt end in November 2018. Founder Tavi Gevinson, who founded the website at 15, provided a unique platform “for and by teenagers,” where youth (mostly young girls) could read about love and heartbreak, life advice, look at cute comics, submit beautiful art and writing of their own.

Rookie, in its ambitious seven-year run, gave girls a place to share emotions, ideas and expressions of themselves.

Gevinson regretfully decided to end Rookie late last year, confronted with financial and business-related problems that were putting the future of Rookie in jeopardy.

Initially, Gevinson was only going to leave the site up for a few months. However, in an exciting announcement tucked away on her Instagram, she revealed that Rookie would be forever encapsulated by the Library of Congress.


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As an artist, it was my dream to submit to Rookie. Imagine my work, words or ideas on the platform that always inspired me and many others! I never got around to it, seeing Rookie as this immortal, ever-present idea. I thought it was constant.

I found my favorite artists through Rookie, read stories that changed my perspective; Rookie and its contributors inspire me to pursue my own ideas, and to act out my own love of uniting girls and giving them a platform, too, to be themselves.

Submitting to Rookie was a dream that seemed too far away for me, but so was the idea of Rookie ever ending.

Rookie really defined a generation, whether you know it or not. At least to me, Rookie was so impactful to artistic youth. I thank its editors, authors, artists and everyone involved with the wonderful publication.

Your work will echo for years to come.