Many folks consider Valentine’s Day a curse when they are single. All the heart-shaped candy, balloons, flowers, and stuffed animals is enough to make someone vomit if you don’t have someone you could give it to. Trust me, I feel the same way. Thus, I started thinking of ways to celebrate this love-filled day even if romance isn’t the focus. 

  1. Have a Galentine’s Day! This type of gathering is a super common way for gals to celebrate the day. Call up a group of your best friends (no boys allowed!) and organize a nice dinner or maybe even a chill movie night.
  2. Get your nails done. Treat yo’self! It’s always nice to feel pampered once in a while, so do something to make yourself feel good.
  3. Take advantage of the holiday sales by going on a shopping spree. Retail therapy is arguably the best therapy. 
  4. Get a massage and relax your nerves!
  5. Take a day trip. Pick a place on the map within a few hours away, and just go! 
  6. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Skydive, roller skate, etc.
  7. Babysit (or dogsit) for a couple that never gets to go out.
  8. Get dressed to the nines and hit the club. Show your ex what he (or she) is missing. 😉
  9. Take a class in something you’ve always wanted to learn (Spin class, ceramics, painting, aerial arts, yoga, etc.)
  10. Eat an entire pizza by yourself. Hey. There’s no shame. 
  11. Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Ex-communicate all pink and red colors, candy, flowers, and otherwise. Acquire multiple tubs of ice cream, pull up Netflix, and veg out.
  12. Take advantage of couples’ deals and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to share ANY of it.
  13. Make a change to your look, whether it’s with a new outfit, new haircut, tattoo, perm, hair dye, or piercing. 
  14. L O V E  Y O U R S E L F 

Whatever you do, remember that you are so unbelievably loved even if you don’t have a romantic partner in your life right now. You are magnificently beautiful with a golden heart. Your worth is not measured in the slightest by your relationship status. Instead of wallowing in past heartbreak or any loneliness you might be feeling in your life, do more of what makes you happy! 

As always, 

Love & Light,