Well hello there, casual Internet reader. I have something to say to you. Will it affect your life at all? Probably not. Will it affect actual, necessary change in today’s world? Most definitely not. But it must be said.

There are too many love songs! This came to my attention a number of weeks ago, as I was driving through the Arizona wastelands and noncommittally listening to the hits of today on Spotify. Something I noticed was that practically every song was about love or relationships or something else romantically inclined. Not to say that they weren’t bops, the content just got to be really repetitive. Mix it up a little, hits of today! If I wanted one million songs about love, I would listen to a Valentine’s Day playlist!

The problem with all these love songs is that, in my opinion, it plants the idea that love is the meaning of life or something. Maybe it is to some people. But not to me! I won’t hesitate to say that I have actually never been romantically in love with someone. Does that mean my life is meaningless? According to the hits of today, yes! Life revolves around love!

Look, I’m not going to pretend to know what the meaning of life is. If it is actually love, I’m definitely doing something wrong. But it’s probably not! The music industry has seized on the idea of love as something that is universal, making love songs applicable to the broadest possible category of people. There are other universal things though. Why not a song about eating warm pancakes? Or a remix of the periodic table song? These would be just as universal as finding and/or losing love. Plus, the periodic table one would be educational.

I know that this is technically an opinion. But the line between opinion and fact is very thin, my friends, very thin indeed. If we all protest the hits of today and/or release a remix of the periodic table song, we will be able to prevail.

One day, I will listen to the hits of today and only half will be love songs. And on that day, I can die. Thank you for listening.