GrrlPunch is an online magazine made for grrls, by grrls, but not limited to girls. A grrl is a leader seeking to empower others through their personal art form. He or she is someone who is unafraid to speak up and speak out, but in an educated, conversational manner. A grrl would never speak with ill intent or use their voice to tear others down. GrrlPunch is a compilation of those insightful and inspiring words created by our grrls, through our board of contributors and reader submissions. These are our opinions, joys, fears, questions, goals, and memories. We share them to highlight the importance of what women have to say.
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Editor-in-Chief: Lucy Hargrove

Managing Editor: Emily Zachry

Associate Editor: Samantha Wischmeyer

Artistic Editors: Jada Akoto and Isabella Townsend


Abby Baskind

Ali Bush

Alex Palacios

Chelsea Larson

Christina McBride

Emily McFarland

Emily Zachry

Epiphany Jones

Grace Lee

Hailey Mah

Jean Jackson

Jordan Cardell

Juliana Arbelaez

Kiki Whartenby

Langston Myers

Lucy Callicott

Lucy Hargrove

Melissa Russel

Mikayla Bruendl

Nina Kumar

Rachel Booth

Reed Winckler

Ruby Liles

Sabrina Spence

Samantha Finley

Samantha Lee

Samantha Wischmeyer

Sarah Boxer

Sidney Parish

Suzanne McGehee

Zoe Boggs


Abigail Snow

Bella Cheng

Brianna Szurpicki

Catt Weglicki

Elise Dyck

Elle Vaughn

Ellen Nikbakht

Emily Zachry

Grace John

Isabella Townsend

Izzy Gregan

Jada Akoto

Jazmine Boykins

Jordan Cardell

Krista Lebovitz

Lauren Ledger

Lily Bix-Daw

Maisa Munawara

Maloree Powers

Merideth Hood

Molly Allen

Morgan Granoski

Samantha Wischmeyer

Syd Sanders

Tashi Wischmeyer

Zoe Nichols


Brenna Pepke

Vivian Gray

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