Anna McGuire

My mind is and has always been scattered and unpredictable, so to explain why I joined Grrl Punch is nearly unimaginable. I can barely form a coherent sentence due to my rapidly changing thought process, so the only way I can capture a quarter of my ideas is by writing. Have you ever had to bite your lip to hold back laughter or felt tears pricking your eyelids? I want all of you to experience feelings like that. Why? It’s human. Grrl Punch was created to help you understand that your thoughts, feelings, and confusion are being experienced by girls globally, every day. So no, you’re not stupid, weird, or an outcast. You’re human, just like every one else. What am I going to do? I’m going to write about the most embarrassing, funny, heartfelt, or whatever-the-heck-you-can-name topics. Your parents say they’ve experienced everything you’re going through. Sure they have. But this is a different time. We’re experiencing new social changes—feminism, equality, gay pride—you name it. So what am I going to write about? I’m going to write about the now.

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Knowing When Enough Is Enough