Sidney Parish

Sidney has a strange affinity for snakes and spends most of her time curating oddly specific Spotify playlists

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Freedom Playlist

Playlist: Masterpiece

Playlist: Sooner or Later

White Lies Playlist

Don’t Hold Back

Chains Playlist

The L Word

Eclipse Playlist

Alright, Listen Up (Or Not)

Pride Playlist

You Should Probably Stop Using Sarahah

Dream Job

Dreams Playlist

Making A Shrine of Yourself

This is No Ordinary Crush

Crush Playlist

GRiZ Comes Out



Growing Pains Playlist


“In Crowd” Playlist

The Magic of “I Don’t Know”

“Magic” Playlist

Superpower Comfort

Living in the Past

Last Words

Years of Fears

Musically Chilling

The Middle Ground: Life as an Ambivert

I Make the Rules

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Grrls Night Out

Beating a Cat-Caller at His Game

The Year of You