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March 2018: Birds and Bees

Wakanda Forever: “The Black Panther”

  • written by Alex Palacios
  • |
  • art by Molly Allen

Devon Lee Carlson is Winning at Everything

An Ode to Movie Scores

Poem: I’d Like You to Know Me


I Wear Glasses. So What?

Men and Makeup

Post-Coital Dysphoria (PCD):

How to Define Virginity for Yourself

Safe Sex in the Film Industry

All Natural

My WJMC Family

March’s Favorite Things

Do You Wanna Dance?

Artist Spotlight: Becky Slivinsky

Me and My Fear of Intimacy

These Olympics Though.

From Record Stores to Spotify

Slut-Shaming is Sabotage

Body Image Schmody Image

When You’re Evil Inside

The Double Life of an ENFP

March Playlist: Birds and Bees

March Horoscopes

Editor’s Note: The Birds and the Bees

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